History and Projects

After Hurricane Katrina, several new neighborhood associations and organizations were formed to help in the planning and repopulation of their neighborhoods. In addition, several neighborhoods along Carrollton that did not flood began to observe that they were left out from the process, and determinations were being made about the city and their neighbors without their input. The pressures of development, code enforcement, and crime in the area had increased. As a result, communications among neighborhood organizations and their leaders began without a formal structure. A forum to discuss the issues and share in their experience lead to the formation of the Carrollton Area Network, or CAN for short. Although it took several months to build the informal forum, the energy and motivation to succeed was very strong.
1. Tree and Landscape Ordinance for Carrollton Avenue - a model for adoption for the reminder of the city.
2. Tree Protection for Carrollton Avenue improvements
3. A crime and security committee to share information and strategies for detering crime
4. Camaraderie committee to foster better relationships among the member neighborhood organizations such as:
* Christmas Caroling at Palmer Park
* Celebration of the return of the Carrollton Avenue streetcar to the end of the line
5. Hold presentations and meetings for the entire area on particular subjects important for all neighborhoods. Meetings held so far include:
* Council President's meeting held quarterly among all the member organizations
* Facilitated crime deterring strategies with the of the 2nd District Police
* Meetings with the city's Department of Streets on improvements for Earhart Blvd.
* Presentations and discussions with city officials on the return of the Carrollton Shopping Center
* Hosted the meetings for the Design Review Committee for Carrollton Avenue
* Hold regular face-to-face meetings with the areas elected officials
* At the request of a member organization, organize discussions to share information and receive advice

The boundaries of the Carrollton Neighborhood Association are defined as the Mississippi River to I-10, and the Jefferson Parish line to Boardway Avenue in New Orleans.