Member Organizations

Below is an alphabetical list of the neighborhood organizations, and their respective points of contact, that are a member of the Carrollton Area Network.

Carrollton Riverbend Neighborhood Association and CRNA - Jerry Speirs
Carrollton United - Jean Fisher
Central Carrollton Association - H. V. Nagendra
Fontainebleau Improvement Association - Terry Walker
Gert Town - John McKnight, site email
Hollygrove Community Development Corporation - Paul Baricos
Hollygrove Neighbors - Carol Dotson, site email
Maple Area Resident's, Inc. - Teddy Martin
Northwest Carrollton Civic Association - Janel Hazlet
Oak Street Association and OSA - Marilyn Kearney
Palmer Park Neighborhood Association - Anne Fuselier (site email)
Pensiontown Neighborhood - Tilman Hardy
Trinity Christian Community - Kevin Brown
Upper Audubon Association - John Lafargue
Uptown Triangle Neighborhood Association - Sheldon Hersh

For other New Orleans neighborhood organizations, visit the Neighborhood Associations page sponsored by the Neighborhoods Partnership Network.